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Clarifying your doubts

Choice of colors

We make personalized flowers in fabric in the colors of your dream. We work with 6 (six) types of fabrics with a variety of 90 (ninety) colors .


Your flowers will arrive in personalized boxes. We separate the flowers by models and colors, making it faster when setting the candy table.


We deliver throughout the country, the USA and some European countries (contact us and check the countries covered). If you prefer, we can have a coffee and you pick up your flowers in our studio, it will be a pleasure to welcome you.


We work with a minimum of 50 (fifty molds per model and color. This quantity was established due to the minimum quantity of sweets supplied in the market, thus providing greater harmony in the table of sweets.

is it possible to modify and cancel my order?

We understand the responsibility of making dreams come true and always being flexible. Get in touch with us, I'm sure we will solve it in the best possible way.

Budget Requests

Tell us a little about your dream, what you thought, where it will be, what style you chose, your colors and the amount of molds you are looking for. If you have already seen our garden flowers , tell us also which models and colors you want on your event.  Now let's chat on Whatsapp          .

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